Stand with
Grocery Workers,

Not Wall Street

Ralphs-Kroger Co. made record profits last year: nearly $3 billion. Most of that profit is going to corporate executives and Wall Street investors. Meanwhile grocery workers take 2 or 3 jobs just to support their families.

Food Fight is a grassroots campaign to demand a fresh start for our neighborhood stores. A fair contract for workers means more staff, shorter lines, cleaner stores, and better customer service. It also means supporting the workers who feed our communities every day.

We need as many shoppers as possible to speak out to tell Ralphs-Kroger Co.: one job should be enough.

Support grocery workers and please share our petition and materials to your social media communities:


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Food Fighters Stepping Up and Speaking Out

Support Grocery workers in the fight for a living wage. Meet Milton, DeAndre, and Steve, grocery workers excited for a change in their next contract. Hear and share their stories. #OneJobShouldBeEnough #FoodFightUS

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Grocery Workers Make our Neighborhood Stores

After decades of serving quality care and contagious jingles, grocery worker Jennifer Gates is calling for you to support grocery workers in the fight for a living wage. Share Jennifer's video. #OneJobShouldBeEnough #FoodFightUS

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Putting Food on the Table

Support grocery workers like Steve, who makes sure his customers get quality food, but isn't able to enjoy the same because corporate grocery stores are cutting his hours. Share Steve's story to say it loud: #OneJobShouldBeEnough #FoodFightUS

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What We're Fighting for

Support Grocery workers in the fight for a living wage. Be proud of the movement and show the world what we're fighting for. Share now.

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Wall Street Bonuses Help Fuel Income Inequality

Stand with grocery workers, not Wall Street. Share this graph to support the fight for one job. #OneJobShouldBeEnough #FoodFightUS

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Executive Salaries are Extreme

Support grocery workers in the fight for a new and fair deal. Corporate executives should know: these profits are only possible with the hard work of grocery employees. Share this and say it loud #OneJobShouldBeEnough #FoodFightUS